Get  your  investment  property  working  for  you -



With the number of new holiday apartment complexes increasing on the Sunshine Coast, the competition for tourist dollar has ramped up for those investors holding properties built in the 1980’s up to the early 2000’s. Yellow and blue colour schemes, salmon pink and terracotta tiles, puffy sofas and coastal kitch - some of the joyous past Sunshine Coast trends that have enjoyed their colourful time in the sun! Your investment property may not be shining icons of these past design eras, but if they were built during this era chances are they are now in desperate need of a contemporary upgrade. By updating your tired interiors with a contemporary concept, you’ll attract that all important tourist dollar by standing out from the rental pool, encouraging return trade, and giving the investment property the opportunity to work harder for you.

From my experience, decorating holiday properties is a balancing act - you want to attract potential guests with interiors that resonate a relaxed holiday vibe, but from an investment perspective the interior selections need to be resilient as possible. Aesthetic to attract interest yet functional to cope with the rigours of a rental property.

I also have an extensive list of trusted trade suppliers - both local and national - who bring that unique edge to my concepts. As a bonus, my clients often find that by utilising my trade suppliers, my decorators fees are offset by the overall savings made. 

If you’d like more information about my Interior Decorating & Styling service for Sunshine Coast Holiday Properties, contact me today for a no obligation chat. Together, lets get your tired and lack lustre property revitalised and sparkling for a whole new generation of holiday guests.