Painted Stairs

When I was a teenager I damaged the cartilage in both my knees. which basically means I don't think I'll ever be able to live in a house with stairs. This makes me very sad. Very sad....

I actually really like stairs - there's something quite ordered and linear about them, yet they come with an air of excitement... Yep, I know I'm sounding all kinds of crazy, but have you ever made the step by step climb with an anticipation of what the reveal will be like when you reach the top? Sometimes getting a gradual reveal of a space, as you inch your way up the stairs is pretty special.

Stairs should be like a feature wall - there are so many way to be creative and make a lasting impression. One way is to actually focus on either the riser (vertical) or the tread (horizontal) sections of the stairs, transforming the bland into a vibrant hero space with the humble (and relatively inexpensive) paint, wallpaper or feature tile. I've just started a Pinterest board with a few inspiring pics and am now on the search for more - my knees may not be happy, but my creative heart sighs a happy sigh :)