One of the positive things to come out of the credit crunch generated by the GFC has been the return to basics, and the home. Accordingly, the resurgence of home crafts and hand made things has swelled in the last few years, and with this resurgence many of the formally fringe markets are now firmly mainstream. What was once daggy, is now the latest trend - macramé pot hanger anyone? Top of the handmade wish list for me has to be ceramics - I have always been fascinated by the skill, the creativity, and the calmness of it all. A beautifully formed ceramic piece is a thing to behold - born from someone's imagination, formed by hand and finished by fire - it's a romantic process. Below are some - but by no means all - of my favourite ceramicists pinned to my Ceramic Pinterest board, which is growing by the week!

So, what is your favourite handmade craft - and have you started a Pinterest board yet?