It's baaaack!

Ok, I snuck this one in a day early - call it the soft launch!

After a small hiatus I'm back into the blogging - sporting a new format which I hope will be the start of an enriching journey for both readers and myself alike. So, why the sudden change? Well, I've been living on the coast now for little over five years and almost every week I am pleasantly surprised by some design savvy Sunny Coast individual or business. Be it an artist or shop, a cafe or design professional, photographer or crafty mama - it seems to me that the Sunshine Coast is bursting at the seams with a pretty inspiring talent pool!! One hot afternoon whilst floating between waves in the surf at Maroochydore, searching for bunnies in the clouds, yours truly had a crazy idea - why not get on board the blogging bandwagon and make a bit of noise to the world about our design savvy Sunshine Coasters? So, after a bit of website tweaking, and a crash course in social media, The Sunshine Coast Design Post has had a bit of a make-over. As well as the 'Inspired by...' and Mood board Posts, every week I'll now be endeavouring to interview a design savvy Sunshine Coast soul giving you a bit of insight into how they tick, what inspires them, and why they like being here in this gorgeous little corner of the globe.

So here's where I need a bit of assistance from you dear reader :) I have an interview wish list as long as as both of my arms to get through, but if you know of - or indeed you are - a design savvy Sunshine Coaster, please contact us with the details.

So, let's fire up the converters and get this journey started, and hopefully we'll continue to enjoy the amazing, inspiring and ever evolving view together.

Stacey :)