How to tackle THAT problem room - PART 1

This week I’m mixing things up a bit - instead of the usual interview, mood board and colour board I’m doing a three part series on how to tackle that problem room. You don’t have to spend the equivalent of a small country’s GDP to get results that you love - it just takes a few deep breaths and a bit of planning...and some homework!

There are three things I think about when redesigning a space and the first of them is, why are you making the changes?  Sound like a no brainer? I can hear you mutter, “Der - because the palette sucks/the room gets no natural light/the layout is all wrong/the space is just not functional" - please insert whatever issues are driving you bonkers about the space. Better still - WRITE THEM DOWN and refer to them periodically throughout the redesign/redecorating process. You’d be surprised at how many people start out with a concern (e.g. the room is small and lacking natural light) and end up getting waylaid when bombarded with choices (e.g. should I go for the black leather modular sofa on sale? Er, no...). Have a clear vision of why you need to make the changes, and when in doubt always consult the bullets points which you WROTE DOWN (because you followed my fabulous advice) at the start of your journey.

Second thing to think about is what are the positives of the space?  You’re possibly already driven to distraction over the negatives, but stop and turn it around for a minute - what is actually good about the room? What works? Is the wood floor a warming feature? Or a bay window framing a gorgeous view of the outside world? Does the room get the afternoon sun? Or maybe the room is big with great mini-zoning potential? It’s a fresh way to look at the space and it actually starts you on the journey to feeling good - like all is not lost. Take a deep breath, shake all the negatives out and look at the room with fresh eyes - or even ask a friend or family member what they think is a positive - and then WRITE THEM DOWN. When it comes time, you can capitalize on these positives during the redesigning process -  and remember, these are positives are already insitu and they're free!

The last thing to think about is what inspires you?  This will ultimately determine the style of  your space. Now, when I say style I don’t only mean the categorized version of style; for instance, whether you are coastal, contemporary, vintage, eclectic, rustic, cottage, eastern inspired,  french provincial, art deco - and the list goes on, and on… What I mean by style here is a very personal thing. It’s a personal journey you make to reach a point where you feel content in your surrounds - when you feel, at home! It’s unique, because you are. The people you know and love, the places you’ve seen and experienced, the events that have shaped your life - all the things that inspire you to think happy, content thoughts - WRITE THEM DOWN. Do you see the pattern here? You’ll draw on these inspirations when time comes to tackle your mood board, but that’s tomorrow’s post...

Ok, so I’ve given you some things to think about - to be specific, three things. Tomorrow I’m going to give you a few pointers on throwing together a mood board but for now, you have some homework! Get a beverage of your choice, pull up a chair in your problem child of a space and write down some bullet points to the above questions. I’d love to hear how you go - you can send me a comment on Facebook, tag me on Instagram, or just leave me a comment below. So until tomorrow - happy home-working!

All pics are referenced from my what design style are you? Ideabook on the Houzz website :)