How to tackle THAT problem room - PART 3

So, how’s the Moodboard looking? Are you getting a clearer idea of what your space will look and feel like? Hopefully you are nodding enthusiastically, and not crying under your doona somewhere… The final post in this 3 part series deals with two super important topics - layout and layering. I use the term super important here because I think you could be stylonista royalty with a kick arse colour palette, but if your layout sucks, then I’m sorry but so will the feel and functionality of your space. Epic fail…

Now, every space you tackle as a designer/decorator is different but here are a couple of straight forward basic tips that can help you nail a fabulous FLOW. Firstly, don’t ever block windows or doorways with furniture. Ever. I get that you love that fabulous french provincial armoire that blocks half of your bedroom’s only window but seriously, love it somewhere else in your home. Not only is it blocking natural light and possibly dominating the space for all the wrong reasons - it’s messing big time with your FLOW. Secondly, think about the scale of what you’re putting in the space. You may love sprawling out on that humungeous puffy monster of a sofa that fills up your entire Lounge Room but if you want to reclaim the FLOW there are comfortable sofa’s and occasional chairs out there that are half the size, will still fit all the family, and will make your room feel twice as big. Thirdly, try to keep your walkways and room entrances free of impeding furniture - if you can, position your larger pieces so they don’t obstruct the FLOW into, and around, the room. For instance, that super long and practical office desk that runs along one wall and encroaches on the doorway entrance, it’s not flow friendly - subconsciously, it doesn’t encourage you to enter the space and that’s a bad aura to take into a work zone... Either shift it to another wall or - if there’s no sentimental value - whack it on ebay or gumtree and put the money you make selling it towards a new space savvy and entrance encouraging version. Now there are heaps of other layout tips depending on what the space is used for (which is another series altogether) but ultimately the best thing to do is to think about how the room is balanced, and you’ll know when a space is balanced - it gives you the warm and fuzzies because it is FUNCTIONAL and it FLOWS.

Ok, so on paper you’re nearly there - your fabulous design style has evolved in leaps and bounds since the first post on Monday, and you have a balanced layout which is functional and FLOWS. Now comes the layering… I tend to think of layering like this - if the furniture is the bones of the room, then the layering is the muscle. Good layering packs a punch! (cheesy much?) By layering I’m referring to the decorator pieces, the homewares, and art work that completes a room. You would be amazed by how one cushion placed on a sofa can pull all the elements of the room together. So, how do you totally nail layering? Well, to start with, refer back to what inspires you from Monday’s post. If you’ve done your homework (which I’m sure you have...) you’ll have certain pieces - photo’s, art pieces, cherished mementos - that will take pride of place in your revamped space. From there you can look at cushions, rugs, art works, window furnishings, lamps, and other decorator items you may want to purchase. Don’t be fazed here - as long as you have (1) your Moodboard that has defined your design style and colour palette, and (2) your room layout, then you’ll have the confidence to go forth and shop or scavenge - or both!

Have a bit of fun when layering - because most items at this stage cost significantly less than your big ticket items, you can probably swap them around or replace them if you feel like it in a couple of seasons, without having to take a second mortgage on the house. Here's a final tip - when you’ve finished your layering efforts then step back and take a good look around, then go make yourself a beverage of choice, then come back into the space with a fresh perspective. The first decorator item that visually jars you and looks out of place, remove it. In other words - Coco Chanel it, peeps…

Good luck with tackling that problem room, and I’d love to hear how your brave venture proceeds. You can drop me a comment on Facebook (Rubykite Interiors) or tag me on Instagram (@rubykiteinteriors), or just leave me a comment below.

Remember, you are a work in progress, and so is your design style. It’s all yours, so embrace it, run with it, and have some fun with it :)

All pics are referenced from my Images I like :) Ideabook on the Houzz website :)