Contemporary Cork

Looking beyond the 70's inspired ho hum floor tiles, Cork is a beautiful, textural and natural material with an astounding range of decor applications. Hydroscopic, fire retardant, buoyant, mould resistant and a thermal insulator, cork is harvested every few years from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree, which can live up to 200 years or more.

Below are some of my favourite contemporary cork pieces - inspirational, cutting edge, comfortable and a little crazy... What's not to love?

#5shotchallange - Stone :)

I was recently invited to participate in an Instagram challenge - the #5shotchallenge to be exact - interpreting the theme 'stone'. The five pics below are what I came up with (to see the accompanying explanations, check out my Instagram feed). Anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for Instagram, it's my favourite of the social media apps and the community I interact with are overwhelmingly supportive, and so bloody talented! If you're on Instagram, please pop by my feed and say 'hi!' and maybe check out some of the people I follow and their amazing feeds - while you're there you might even like to express your creative side and get down on one of the many # challenges doing the rounds... :)

Macramé Mojo :)

This one's for you Ange! One of my besties has fallen under the spell of the strictly ordered yet totally casual craft of macramé. The craze that kicked off again with the recent resurgence of the humble pot plant holder has a rich history - believed to have had it's roots in the 13th century with Arabic weavers, this simple yet intricate craft of tying decorative knots has prevailed through the ages to modern times. Today, most pieces are cherished for their aesthetic rather the functional value and their timeless appeal now transcends beyond their former somewhat daggy 'hippy' tag - for some more macramé inspiration you can check out my latest Pinterest board.

Who knows, after you've knotted your first pot plant holder, you may fall under macramé's spell too... :)