Top 5 - Pineapple Statues

Whilst Flamingos seem to have stalled of late, the 'quirky' Pineapple trend just seems to be going from strength to strength. Pineapple cushions, pineapple fabric, pineapple cake forks and party decorations, pineapple tea towels - there seems to be no stopping the homewares craze celebrating this prickly fruit with attitude. So, hailing from Queensland - the official pineapple state of Australia - I feel it is my duty to present my top 5 Pineapple Decorator Statues; 5 different materials, 5 different colours, 5 different ways to go totally troppo paying homage to the pineapple gods. But remember peeps, if you really have to, sometimes with the humble pineapple, less really is more... ;)

Top 5 - The Dip Dyed craze...

I love this trend! It first appeared in ernest in 2012, now the dip dyed craze has filtered into the mainstream and is still going strong. This paint dipped craze that teams the glory of colour with the timeless texture of wood is fresh, fun and funky. Check out my Pinterest board for some more inspiration - and maybe even unleash the creative beast by having a go at this colourful craze yourself! Old pine barstools beware...

Top 5 - Bright and Bold Rugs

I love the whole idea of rugs. Tools for defining spaces, softening hard floor surfaces and providing practical insulation, an effectively designed rug is like a blast of artwork for your floor. Using a rug as a hero piece can be a smart, and non permanent, facelift for your space - which is great if you are renting or looking at moving in the not so distant future. A good quality rug can last a lifetime, and can justify the initial outlay - just, as always, choose what you like and not what is 'on trend'. That way you'll have a piece that will make you glow a little bit on the inside for years to come.

Top 5 - Accent Chairs with leg appeal

Want to add additional seating but have no room for another sofa? Try an accent chair with lovely legs for a simple solution with bonus appeal. Not only will you bump up your ratio of butts on seats, the lovely legs will give you that illusion of space and by choosing bold lines and fabric choices, you'll have an shining hero piece for your space. Tick, tick, tick - boom!